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Eazy Heidelberg

Eppelheimer Str. 12, Bahnstadt, 69115 Heidelberg, Deutschland

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Eazy Heidelberg

The Eazy Hostel Heidelberg offers accommodations in Heidelberg and free WiFi in all areas. You can easily reach the main train station 1 km away on foot in just 10 minutes. The University of Heidelberg is 3 km away and is easily accessible with the tram. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV and offers you your own bathroom with a shower. No breakfast is served in the accommodation, but you will find a bakery next door and a machine with snacks and drinks at the reception. The new Heidelberg cinema film palace is only 100 m from the hostel. You can reach the Heidelberg Zoo from Eazy Hostel Heidelberg after 1 km and the Theater and Orchestra Heidelberg after 2.9 km. The old town of Heidelberg is 2.2 km away. The next airport is the 79 km from Eazy Hostel Heidelberg away Frankfurt am Main.

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What to see in Heidelberg

Heidelberg (occasionally called Heidelburg in Spanish) is a city located in the Neckar River Valley in the northwest of Baden-Wurtemberg (Germany). It is famous for its historic center with the Heidelberg Palace and for having the oldest university in the country (and one of the most prestigious in Europe), so it is an important cultural center and tourist destination.

Heidelberg has 150,000 inhabitants. It is a "city-district" (Stadtkreis) and at the same time headquarters of the Rin-Neckar district that surrounds it (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) in the densely populated region of Rin-Neckar-Dreieck that includes the cities of Mannheim and Ludwigshafen located less than 30 km.

Heidelberg is located in the Neckar River Valley, on the left bank of the lowest part of the Neckar River in a steep valley in Odenwald. It is limited by the Königstuhl hills (568 m) and the Gaisberg (375 m). The Necker river flows in a east-west direction. On the right bank of the river, the Heiligenberg mountain rises at a height of (445 m). The Neckar River flows from the RIN River approximately 22 kilometers northwest of Mannheim. Villages incorporated during the twentieth century extend from the Neckar Valley along the Bergstraße, a road that crosses the Odenwald hills.

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